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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

Diabetes - Complications with Sugar!
November 25, 2020

This is National Diabetes and Diabetes Eye Disease awareness month.  Each November we reinvigorate our focus to help you focus better. Nine percent (9%) of Tennesseans are reported to have diabetes.  In some areas of the country that number exceeds 10% to 12%.  It is an epidemic that has only been rising overtime in America and other countries


We can debate the causes (poor diet, lack of exercise, increased high fructose corn syrup, etc.).  The reality remains that we must diagnose, treat, and protect patients from diabetic problems


There is a good news/bad news situation when it comes to diabetic eye disease. The good news is most diabetic eye problems do not cause pain. None of us like pain. However, when you have a disorder that is asymptomatic (none to few symptoms) it is especially dangerous. It is dangerous because patients do not report any particular problems or symptoms, even blurred vision in many cases. This leads to many patients with diabetic eye disease being treated at a later point than they need or when we would like.  That’s the bad news.


Let's talk facts.  Diabetes is the number
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