Friday, 16 August 2013
Yes, I'm Working.

Something interesting and rather funny has occurred recently.  So interesting that I thought I’d comment on it.  As our practice has grown and we have added doctors and staff to keep up with the wonderful patient demand, I’ve had to make some executive decisions. To maintain focus on our patients, internal staff dynamics, and keep everyone rowing in the same direction, I’ve had to ask myself, “How do I continue to lead the organization best?” I’ve decided that my best contribution to leading Cool Springs and Donelson EyeCare is to balance my clinical care with my leadership responsibilities. Someone has to set the tone, the vision (no pun intended), and the standards by which we provide excellent patient care. In our office Dr. Susan and I are responsible for that vision. 

So, I’ve cut back my clinical schedule from every day to a half-week schedule. We have other great doctors who provide tremendous clinical patient care and we constantly work on being accessible so it’s easy for you as our patient to make an appointment. Therefore, the clinical care is still being provided by a number of providers, including me. However, there have been a few questions. Are you going to retire? has been one question. The answer is no! Although I’ve cut my patient schedule back, I’m still seeing a lot of patients. I have no desire to retire. I have overheard a couple of staff members say “Well, Dr. Keg isn’t working that day.”   Oh, really!  I’m not working?  While I may not be seeing patients, I assure you I am working; not only every day, but many weekends. The demands of the leaders in any organization are many. My focus is still on the care we provide and continually improving the manner in which we provide it. I’m still working - every day, and will be for a long time. 

Posted on 08/16/2013 4:20 PM by Dr. Jeff Kegarise
Tuesday, 6 August 2013
Choosing Over-the-Counter Drops
When I go to the pharmacy section for eye care, I am amazed at the array of products. Unless you’re specifically told by your eye doctor what to get, how are you supposed to make a buying decision?  What if it’s the wrong medicine for your condition?
Over-the-counter drops consist of a few main categories.  The first category is contact lens solutions.  Most of these are for soft lenses and are a one-step system which contains a cleaner used while rubbing, a disinfectant, and a rinsing solution.  Over the past 15 years, these solutions have been improved by making the cleaner gentler and therefore able to be directly instilled in the eye.  Examples of this are Opti-Free, Pure Moist, Biotrue, etc.  Interestingly two of these solutions, Clear Care and Aosept are actually hydrogen peroxide-based solutions and should not be used directly in the eye.  
Each of our doctors has responded to a call on an urgent basis from a patient who has inadvertently used a hydrogen peroxide solution to clean and disinfect their lenses thinking it was a one-step solution. Placing hydrogen peroxide directly in the eye can be pretty uncomfortable!  Fortunately, after heavy irrigation and 24-48 hours of recovery, these patients can resume normal wear.  However, that illustrates that over-the-counter eye products are drugs and can have unfortunate and unintended side effects. In addition to soft contact lens solutions, there are cleaning and multi-step solutions for use with gas permeable rigid lenses.  Again, in the past there were separate cleaning and unique disinfection and conditioning solutions.  Now many are combined into one combination of cleaning-disinfection-conditioning solution.  Boston Simplex is an example.  Since gas permeable solutions are thicker, they are not appropriate for use with soft lenses. Next week, I will share some tips on selecting OTC moisturizing drops.
Posted on 08/06/2013 2:24 PM by Dr. Jeff Kegarise
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