Thursday, 22 May 2014
Vision Expo 2014 - Fun in New York!

This month, I am having Stephanie Moore, our optical manager, be my guest blogger. Several of us recently returned from Vision Expo East in New York which is the largest frame and lens show in the world. We attend annually to evaluate current trends—color, style and design. --Dr. Keg 

These shows are simultaneously overwhelming and exciting. Denise, one of our opticians at our Donelson practice, and I ran from booth to booth to be sure we didn’t miss anything. There weren’t as many runway shows as I have seen before although we loved the Badgley Mishka displays which showed frames, accessories and beautiful evening gowns.

Overall, we both noticed that bright colors were prominent. This trend started two summers ago in oversize brightly colored jewelry so it makes sense we would see more fuchsia, royal blue and green frames. The most shocking line was the new punk line from Face-a-Face which actually had spikes sticking out of the temples! The color on trend that we heard the most about is orchid. The designers explained that it was not necessary that we carry numerous orchid frames but that we needed to be versed in how to select frames that complimented orchid clothing.

What is true in clothing trends is also true in eyewear trends. There are innovators, early adopters, majority and laggards. The innovators are the fashion risk takers. The early adopters pull the trends through. The majority have to see all the trends around them to wear it and the laggards don’t care about fashion. Both our practices strive to be innovators and early adopters while keeping plenty of styles that are appealing to a majority! Attending Vision Expo helps us to stay on the edge of fashion so every patient can trust our knowledge of trends. 

Posted on 05/22/2014 2:48 PM by Dr. Jeff Kegarise
Tuesday, 6 May 2014
Our Doctor Team

A lot of marketing goes into praising the training, credentials and perceived quality of doctors in a practice. You may see billboards or even hear radio jingles. Often, I find that the marketed attributes do not match the true personality of the doctors involved. In fact, a lot of the doctors that are marketed most heavily would not be promoted in the same manner by their patients.

As a long-time doctor and practice owner, I speak from experience in telling you that one of the best attributes of our practices is our team of doctors. Besides my wife, Susan, our doctors are Melissa Dow, Jana Crim, Jessica Durham and Helen Boerman. You may see one or more of us at either our Donelson or Cool Springs office. As with all people, doctors have different personalities. However, my observation and our patient surveys attest that our doctors share some common personality traits and character qualities.

Dr. Dow and Dr. Durham’s patients frequently comment about their good listening skills and recommendations.  Dr. Susan and Dr. Crim’s patients enjoy the effervescent personalities these two doctors naturally display. Dr. Boerman’s patients marvel at her experience, caring attitude, and willingness to communicate on a personal level through e-mail, text, or phone.

When you’re building a team in any business, it starts with the quality of the people on your team. Susan and I look for doctors who truly listen to their patients and recommend the best treatment for that individual person. Each of our doctors is someone that I personally would have confidence in if I were in need of an eye exam or procedure. They are excellent at what they do, caring in how they treat, and have personalities that are genuinely appreciated by patients, by our staff and by Dr. Susan and me.


Posted on 05/06/2014 9:25 AM by Dr. Jeff Kegarise
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