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Sunglasses for Cancer?

It seems that not a month goes by where I don’t run into someone (a friend, a colleague, a patient) who is scheduled for or has had a procedure for facial cancer. MOHS surgeons, typically fellowship trained, provide a valuable therapeutic and cosmetic service by making sure the least amount of facial tissue is removed, while still eliminating premalignant and/or malignant lesions of the face.

Lumps, bumps, spots and changes occur around our eyes and eyelids. Fortunately, most are benign. Some are barely noticeable, while others, cosmetically atrocious. The most common location for “bumps” to occur is on the lower eyelid and under the eye. This tissue is sensitive and most exposed to ultraviolet rays while we are outside. We can remove nearly all bumps on or around the eyes, and most all, quickly, painlessly and in office. Some require a pathologic biopsy just to be sure, while a few need full oculoplastic specialists. 

Lets “face it” (no pun intended), we don’t have a lot of extra skin to forfeit when it comes to the skin around the eyes. In fact, the eyelid tissue is approximately 0.75 mm thick and the thinnest skin in the body! While SPF is sunscreen for the skin, sunglasses are sunscreen for the eyes, the area of skin on the eyelids and around the eyes. There is no better protection for this area other than blocking all UV rays with sunglasses. I’m glad we are able to differentiate sooner when an eyelid bump is a problem! I’m glad we have great MOHS surgeons when needed. Most importantly, I’m glad we have a way to help protect against UV triggered forms of skin cancer- just by wearing sunglasses. And while you’re protecting, you might as well see well and make em’ look good! 

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