Date: 27/11/2022
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Appropriate Lenses for Golfers

Vision is the most important element of playing golf. The trajectory of the drive and the accuracy of the putt are assessed by vision. The best vision possible can lead to the lowest score possible. A lighter frame (titanium is a great material) will allow you to move around more flexibly and make the movement of following the ball from the tee to the green easier. Larger lenses are recommended to maximize peripheral and straight-ahead lines of vision. The best lenses to improve your golf game have to start with 100% UV protection. A long day on the golf course will expose your eyes to a large amount of harmful UV rays, which increase retinal issues as you age. Clarity, contrast and visual sharpness are improved with an anti-reflective (A/R) coating. 

The biggest visual upgrade a golfer can make is using colored lenses. Different colored lenses will provide different capabilities on the golf course. Darker lenses, including brown, amber, and copper are used to improve color contrast between the green course and the horizon. Brown and amber lenses have a red element to their tints that increases depth perception. Green lenses enhance color contrast while diminishing glare on the ball. Gray lenses will reduce glare, like green lenses, but are more effective off of water. Blue and purple lenses are the most commonly worn lenses by golfers. These lenses reduce glare and improve overall color, but they also allow the golfer to see different contours on the green. Hills, dips, and uneven levels on the golf course are highlighted and more defined which improves judgement on the drive. Colored lenses can greatly improve the way that you play golf, from the first drive to the last putt. If you love the game of golf, invest in a light frame with colored lenses that contain UV protection and A/R coating. For more information, click here to email one of our opticians. 

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