Date: 17/01/2022
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Glaucoma Awareness Month

Dr. Jeff Kegarise has invited Dr. Michael Bingham as a guest blogger this month. Enjoy!

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, which is a great time to update our patients on new technology and our processes for detecting early changes due to glaucoma. Recent research has shown that Electroretinography (ERG) has been helpful in detecting the function of the retinal ganglion cell layer in a very precise manner. What does this mean for our patients who have glaucoma or are at risk for glaucoma?  It basically means that we have another helpful measure that we can utilize to determine whether any damage to the retina has occurred.  Our goal is to detect damage from glaucoma as early as possible so we can minimize the potential for vision loss in our patients. A series of studies have shown that ERG is an extremely sensitive test, at times able to detect damage as much as 8 years earlier than any other method.

Fortunately, performing an ERG is very similar to the process of performing a VEP, which we have been using to monitor our glaucoma patients for years.  If you’re being monitored for glaucoma at Cool Springs or Donelson EyeCare, the ERG may be a test we use for additional data in the future. This test will be very helpful for patients that are at risk for glaucoma, but have not yet been diagnosed.  The ERG test will be helpful in determining existing damage as well as progression of glaucoma over time—ultimately leading to more informed decision-making for our glaucoma patients. One of our doctors can talk with you about the ERG and whether it would be helpful in your care and monitorization of glaucoma. For more information, click here to email our Glaucoma Care Coordinator.

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